Taiwan VCM Corporation primarily manufactures vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and 32% hydrochloric acid, as well as provide soil and groundwater pollution investigation and remediation service.

We have established vertical integration of Vinyl Chain (Note: VCM - PVC series products) with our parent company - China General Plastics Corp., and its reinvestment company - CGPC Polymer Corporation. Adhering to providing high-quality goods and services to customers, we continuously optimize production equipment and gradually intergrate artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance production efficiency to stably supply downstream customers.

At the same time, we greatly engaged in soil and groundwater pollution investigation and remediation services of chloride contamination. Our subsidiary - Global Green Technology Corporation (GGTC) has integrated technologies for remediation. GGTC had accumulated experience over the years committing to the goal of land sustainability, and is able to bring in the best remediation designs and implementations for customers.