Environmental Protection

Taiwan VCM Corporation has passed ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 50001 certification, and actively promotes activities such as energy conservation, and contamination and disaster prevention. It is our mission to do well in ensuring the safety and health of people and environment. Our plant is a petrochemical plant that uses ethylene, ethylene dichloride, and chlorine gas to produce vinyl chloride monomers and hydrochloric acid, and in the process uses energy resources and chemicals. In order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and respond to clean production, a green environment, and occupational safety and health campaigns, we will continue to improve the working environment and occupational safety and health of business activities. Promote waste reduction, energy conservation, and carbon reduction, and take responsibility for ensuring that to protect life and property as well as sustainable development.

Management policy

  • Pursue clean production and create a green environment
  • Implement industrial safety, protect life and property
  • Take care of responsibilities and achieve sustainable development

TVCM uses intelligent recognition, auto license plates control, weighbridges, and safety procedures to create a convenient and safe factory. Import the processing system and find the golden conditions to save energy and cost. Build an AI model to improve the stability of the process operating system, and to alert equipment abnormalities in advance to comprehensively reduce risks and hazards. In 2019, PSM process safety management was introduced, led by senior executives, and led all employees to participate in the implementation. The plan is to promote the integration of 14 PSM procedures in a 5-year, 4-phase manner, and to strengthen the integrity of PSM with the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle and the audits, to achieve the best safety state of mastering the equipment and process operation in the factory. Committed to reducing the probability of risk and avoiding disasters.

Industrial Safety

Organization participation

In order to strengthen various independent inspections of industrial safety, follow the "regional joint prevention of group safety and health partners" system recommended and guided by the Occupational Safety and Health Center of the Southern District, and actively participate in the activities of the LinYuan Safety and Health Promotion Association. Actively participate in the activities of the Taiwan Responsible Care Association (TRCA) and uphold its spirit, assist contractors to establish safety, health and environmental protection management systems, and participate in community activities to promote a better living environment.

Facility update

In order to strengthen environmental protection and industrial safety, in recent years, TVCM has continued to invest a lot of manpower and funds, improve the replacement of industrial safety / environmental equipment, and purchase new detection instruments. And implement energy conservation and carbon reduction work, in order to maintain green environmental quality, personnel safety, fulfill social responsibility, and achieve the goal of sustainable business operations.

Transportation management

TVCM produces two products, vinyl chloride and industrial hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid which is pick up by customer own car. Vinyl chloride uses pipelines or tank cars to supply the relevant customers. Before the tank car is transported, only qualified transporter selected by TVCM could perform the transportation. The requirements for the transport contractor are listed below.

Pipeline Maintenance plan

In order to strengthen the transportation safety of underground pipelines, to manage the underground pipeline facilities outside the company's factories more effectively, and to establish proper management procedures, the company has formulated an "existing industrial pipeline maintenance plan". The maintenance plan includes pipeline safety management system (PSMS), pipeline information management system, pipeline integrity management plan, patrol operation, maintenance and inspection, pipeline operation and control room management, etc.

In order to identify and evaluate the hazards and potential risks of underground pipelines outside the plant, and to implement the necessary control methods, our company conducts "Pipeline Integrity Managing (PIM)" with reference to international standards, formulate corresponding risk control countermeasures to eliminate or reduce unacceptable risks of hazards and ensure the safe use of underground pipelines.

Emergency drills are conducted every six months to improve the ability to respond to emergency situations, practice the correct handling procedures, familiarize with the use of safety protection equipment, and provide timely guidelines in the event of a disaster to ensure the safety of personnel, the environment and the normal operation of the factory, so as to minimum the impact of a disaster.

2021 Performance Indicators
Disabling injury frequency rate (F.R) 0 Education and training 99
Disabling injury severity rate (S.R) 0 Safety patrol 494
Frequency-Severity Indicator (F.S.I) 0 Occupational safety and health management project completion rate 100%
Fine 3 Improvement rate 100%
Emergency procedure drill 12    

Environmental protection

Air pollution Management

In order to effectively grasp air pollutants, TVCM regularly tests air pollutants and declares them to the competent authority according to law. Our Company responded to the clean energy policy of the local competent authority. By the end of 2018, the fuel used in the process had all used natural gas, and the use of No. 4 ~ 6 heavy oil had been stopped, which significantly reduced the generation and emission of sulfur oxides and particulate pollutants.

Water contamination Management

The wastewater produced by our factory process is collected at the wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater treatment plant in our plant mainly uses biological treatment to treat wastewater. After the pH is adjusted by the pH adjustment tank in the previous stage, it passes the UASB biological anaerobic treatment system and biological aerobic treatment system. And then through sedimentation filtration and other treatment procedures, so that the process wastewater quality meets the industrial zone's admittance limit and then discharged to the Linyuan Industrial Zone united sewage treatment plant. Our factory conducts water quality testing once every six months by outsource in accordance with the law. The testing items include more than a decade testing items required by laws and regulations such as suspended solids, pH value, and chemical oxygen demand. The testing results are regularly reported online, and the water quality and reporting results are released. All meet regulatory standards.

Company Test items 2018 2019 2020 Emission Standards Improvement
TVCM (LinYuan Plant)
PH 7.75 7.50 7.8 6~9 7~8
11.70 17.20 7.91 30 <25
COD 67.1 86.7 47.81 100 <80
Soil and Underground Water management

TVCM conducts groundwater monitoring on a quarterly basis to effectively grasp the quality of soil and groundwater. In order to ensure that the leakage contamination accident can be controlled as soon as possible, a "groundwater contamination remediation plan" has been set up to control the two situations of found and potential contamination.

Waste control

Our company adheres to the belief of green environmental protection in the prevention and control of contamination. In addition to the prevention of air and water contamination, our company reduces contaminates from various aspects in order to fulfill its environmental responsibility:

The process waste produced by TVCM can be divided into general business waste and hazardous business waste. Relevant removal and disposal operations are entrusted to the organization with a qualified permit issued by the Environmental Protection Agency for removal and treatment to carry out declaration operations. TVCM is committed to process waste classification and reduction, resource classification and recycling promotion, and 5S activities etc.