Environmental Care

TVCM takes maintenance of personnel safety and environmental protection as the goal of environmental management. We have always complied with environmental protection, safety and health-related laws, and continued to prevent contamination, save energy and prevent disasters. TVCM has passed ISO 14001 environmental management system, ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management system, ISO 50001 energy management system, and ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement. The management system is an environmental protection framework. It strives to control and reduce environmental impact, prevents environmental impact caused by accidents, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Facing the challenges of environmental deterioration, shortage of energy and natural resources, climate change, and stricter government regulations have not only put us under more pressure, but it also gives us an opportunity. We, sincerely and responsibly, promote "energy conservation and carbon reduction" with actual practical actions, setting performance targets for energy saving, energy conservation and carbon reduction in order to achieve our goals of low contamination and energy consumption.

While actively reducing the impact of corporate operations on the environment and ecology, we established a specialized technical division - Environmental Technology Development Department in 2010. Later, a 100%-owned subsidiary, Global Green Technology Corporation (GGTC), was founded in 2022. We are committing to thoroughly solving the problem of groundwater contamination with novel, economic, sustainable, environmental friendly and harmless remediation technologies.